Sunday, February 14, 2016

A logo for Jacksum

Jacksum is a free cross platform checksum utility. It exists since July 2002. Time to create a logo for it.


Jacksum is entirely written in Java, it runs on Apple's OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and any other operating system that has a Java Runtime Environment. So Jacksum is really cross platform, without the need for the user to recompile it. The purpose of Jacksum is to compute and verify checksums, mainly to check whether a data transfer was successful.

Actually "Jacksum" is a synthetic word made of JAva and ChecKSUM and I wanted to create a logo that reflects both the J as in Java (cross platform feature) and the check as in checksum. Checkboxes usually have a rectangle shape and the circle should reflect the comprehensiveness of the sum of all Jacksum's features. Black as in Jack and green as in successful check.

Furthermore the logo should be recognized even it has been resized to 16x16 pixels. That is important, because Jacksum also supports the File Browser Integration. So it was clear to make a very simple logo, but not simpler.

The logo:

Here it is:

And the icon resized to 16x16 pixels, integrated in the Windows Explorer (menu is localized in German):

And on the website called it will look like this:

Stay tuned, there will be more announcements with respect to Jacksum in the near future.

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