Monday, September 6, 2021

Jacksum 3 is on the web!

I am pleased to announce that Jacksum 3 has been released!

Jacksum 3 is a major release. I call it the "good things will take time" release ;-)

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Detailed release notes at

Here is an eagle view comparison chart with Jacksum 1.7.0. There was never an official Jacksum 2 release and I lifted the version number immediately to 3 due to the feature richness of Jacksum 3.


Jacksum 1.7.0  
Jacksum 3.0.0

Algorithm support
Supported Algorithms (including different lengths) 58 470
Default algorithm SHA-1 SHA-3-256
Full SHA-3 family support no yes
Full SHA-2 family support no*1 yes
Full BLAKE-family support no almost*2
Full FNV-familiy support*3
no yes
Customizable CRCs
yes yes
Modern non-US modern national standards*4 no yes
Older non-US national standards*5 yes yes
All algos from round three of the NIST SHA-3 competition*6  
no yes
proposals from the NIST crypto workshops*7  
no yes
eXtendable Output Functions (XOF) as cryptographic hash functions*8  
no yes

Multi core/processor support
multiple algorithms calculation
yes*9 yes
multiple algorithms calculation simultanously no yes
parallel hash calculation for files no yes
multi processor support for checking files no yes

Other highlights
Finding an algorithm/CRC by knowing both data and hash
no yes
Select algorithms that match a bit width or a search string
no yes
producing the output in a format you want   
yes yes
checking an output produced by a foreign software using parser definitions   
no yes
GPLv2+ GPLv3+


*1 SHA-512/224, SHA-512/256 were missing, because those algos were introduced in March 2012.

*2 BLAKE-[224,384,256,512], BLAKE2s-[8..256/8], BLAKE2b-[8..512/8], and BLAKE3 are supported; BLAKE2sp and BLAKE2bp are not yet supported

*3 including FNV-0, FNV-1, and FNV-1a for all bit lengths [32,64,128,256,512,1024]

*4 Streebog-[256,512] (Russia, GOST R 34.11-2012); SM3 (China); Kupyna[256,384,512] (Ukraine, DSTU 7564:2014); LSH-256-[224,256], LSH-512-[224,256,384,512] (South Korea, KS X 3262)

*5 GOST, GOST Crypto-Pro (Russia, GOST R 34.11-94); HAS-160 (KISA, South Korea) 

 *6 all five candidates from round 3 the NIST SHA-3 competition were BLAKE, Groestl, JH, Keccak, and  Skein

 *7 before the SHA-3 competition they were proposals from the NIST crypto workshops called FORK-256, DHA-256, and VSH-1024

*8 SHAKE128, SHAKE256, KangarooTwelve, MarsupilamiFourteen

*9 while a file is read only once if multiple algorithms have been selected, the actual hash calculation occurred sequentially and not in parallel


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