Sunday, June 5, 2022

Announcement: HashGarten - a GUI for Jacksum


I am pleased to announce HashGarten - a GUI for Jacksum. 

What the heck ...

Well, for those who don't know what I am talking about ...

  • A GUI is a graphical user interface
  • A hash is the result of a hash function. A hash function maps a bit string of arbitrary length to a bit string of fixed length. In other words, a hash is like a fingerprint for data, and you can use hashes to verify integrity of files for instance.
  • Jacksum is the free, friendly, and open source hash tool from the neighborhood, Jacksum supports more than 470 hash functions and many features, see also
  • "Garten" is the German word for "garden" as you guys from the US probably know - it is the same word as in Kindergarten.
  • HashGarten is the GUI for Jacksum. It allows you to access algorithms and features from Jacksum in a comfortable, graphical way.


HashGarten can run standalone and it can be accessed by the SendTo feature of your file brower, it looks like this (light and dark themes are supported) ...



You can download Jacksum and HashGarten as part of the Jacksum File Browser Integration at


The announcement image above was made by using the great graphics from and it's Mega Creator.

Both the light and dark look and feel of HashGarten's GUI is powered by the fantastic looking FlatLaF for Java Swing desktop apps, see also

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